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BritHowl 2002, 25-28 October 2002

Following three whole years without a spiritually-orientated Howl being held this side of the Atlantic, folks decided to get together and organise a weekend away in the Lake District - a remote and picturesque (and wet!) area not far south of the Scottish border - towards the end of October 2002.  11 Weres in total attended (10 canines and a kangaroo, for those interested in statistics), and the accommodation was in a remote 16th Century barn, with the minimum amount of conversion possible having been undertaken to turn it into somewhere safe for hikers to spend the night.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.  If you'd like a copy of any of the full-resolution photos or want to see some of the near-duplicates that I didn't upload, feel free to email me.

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Weres scamper through the undergrowth, early on a Saturday morning.  Somewhere in there are Utlah, Sandroo, Dave Cooke, Ryath, Lex, ALW and Jessie.
Rainwolf prepares to pounce a rather cheerily oblivious Lex.
The pack of canids spot a quick lunch on the top of a hill, in the shape of a bleating sheep.
A couple of landscape photographs to show the remoteness and beauty of the surrounding landscape.
Located in High Gillerthwaite in Cumbria, the barn is set on the shore of Ennerdale Lake and in between several tall hill ranges.  Being a fair from the nearest town, it makes an ideal location for a quiet gathering.
Weres descending one of the paths leading back to the barn.
The first group shot, taken at Keswick Stone Cirle.

Left to Right:
Utlah, Sandroo, Dave Cooke, MegaDog, ALW, Lex, Razza, Jessie T Wolfdog, Rainwolf and Ryath.

Utlah, thinking, on a rock...
Utlah, preaching, from a rock...
Utlah, about to fall off a rock!
MegaDog takes a minute to inspect the crack in his camera's viewfinder, shortly after taking a photo of your truly...


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