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Facilities Available and Open to UK Weres and Furs

If you are from the UK, then there are a large number of Were and Furry orientated forums open to you for your use, and I have tried to gather most of the main ones into these pages to help you find your way there. Although a lot of these are also open to people from outside the UK, there are several specific forums and communities set up purely for use by Weres and Furs from the UK.

Of course, although I have divided up the resources into two groups, namely those with a Were slant and those with a more Furry attitude, there is a large overlap between the two groups - so that there are Lifestyle Furs who are subscribed to WEREMail, and there are Weres who hang out on the Furnet IRC servers.

Facilities Available to UK Weres

  • Newsgroups

There are two main Newsgroups that are up and running with Weres in mind, though there are caveats to be had for both of them.  Note: Newcomers to the Were community might like to try one of the mailing lists as opposed to the newsgroups mentioned here due to their unfortunate decline recently.

(Worldwide Weres)
(Worldwide Weres)
  • Mailing Lists

Several varied mailing lists operate throughout a range of land areas - covering Weres in just the UK, or Weres through the world.  Some are general lists, where discussion can centre round any therianthropically-based topic, where as other lists are much more specific as to what is to be discussed.

(European Weres)
(Worldwide Weres)
(Worldwide Weres)
(Worldwide Weres)
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Again, there are several different IRC servers that are Were orientated.  While you might find you prefer one over the others, that's not to say you shouldn't check all of them out, as you may find people residing on one particular server who you like.  The reason for the "Varied Locations" is because some channels on the server are more orientated towards, say, European Weres, where as others are for general use by anyone.  Point your IRC client (mIRC is a good client for Microsoft Windows) to the servers below, and execute the '/list' command to see the full range of channels on offer.

  • Firelion.org, #europe, #edge
    (Server: irc.firelion.org; Port: 6667)
(Weres, varied Locations)
  • WERENet IRC, #Werenet
    (Server: irc.were.net; Port: 6667)
(Worldwide Weres)
  • Crossroads IRC, #Crossroads
    (Server: wolfbeast.mine.nu; Port: 6667)
(Worldwide Weres)
  • Other Forums and Online Communities

With the expansion of the Internet in recent years, there are now a whole plethora of smaller groups, mailing lists, discussion forums and so-called "bulletin boards" aimed at bringing together people of a therianthropic nature.  In fact, there are certainly too many with which I have no experience to be able to form any sort of comprehensive listing here

Given the upsurge in the popularity of "blogging" over the last couple of years, it's worth singling out the Livejournal Therianthropy Community, for those who hold and account at Livejournal.  At well over 300 members, it's just as popular a community as many of the other mailing lists and groups.

  • You might also like to check out...

  • The Werelist - an online directory of Weres, upcoming gatherings, online forums and much more: for those desiring to know if there's anyone else local to them!


Facilities Available to UK Furs

  • Newsgroups

Two formerly-healthy newsgroups are up and running aimed at Furs.  The first deals more with Furs who feel in some way that their lives are connected to, or influenced by, their chosen animal(s), and you will find people on there who belong to the Were community.  The latter is aimed more at the Furry Fans: people who enjoy Furry comics or artwork and similar things - i.e. those strongly featuring anthropomorphic animals, to give a very broad definition.

(Worldwide Furs)
(Worldwide Furs)

  • Mailing Lists

The majority of the mailing lists below are set up primarily with the aim of meeting up in real life in mind.  Hence, while all operate a non-discriminatory membership policy, a lot tend to be somewhat specialised in their catchment areas.

(UK Furs)
(UK Furs near London)
(UK Furs in the North)
(UK Furs in the Midlands)
(UK Furs, various locations)

  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and MUCKs

There is one main IRC server (though it is formed from several different servers) which is open and welcoming to Furs, and that is Furnet.  Different channels are aimed at different groups of people in different locations and with different interests and discussion topics in mind, hence the "Varied Locations."  Point your IRC client (mIRC is a good client for Microsoft Windows) to the servers below, and execute the '/list' command to see the full range of channels on offer.

  • Furnet, #uk and many others
    (Server: irc.furnet.org; Port: 6667)
(Furs, varied Locations)

For those more into "roleplay," FurryMUCK is the main online facility for Furs.  You'll need a MUCK client (Phoca is a good client for Microsoft Windows), and then follow the instructions at the website below for a guide on how to get connected, apply for a character, using the service, etc.

(Worldwide Furs)

  • You might also like to check out...

  • The Internet Furry Proximity Locator - find out if other furs live locally to you!  Furs in the UK will need a way to obtain their longitude/latitude location to use this service (one way is by locating yourself at streetmap.co.uk and clicking "convert coordinates")

  • UKFur.net - a similar idea to the above, but exclusively for Furs in the UK and allowing for much more detailed profile information to be entered.  There are also forums, and further information on the regional mailing lists shown above.

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