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Alt.fan.furry, or AFF to which it is often abbreviated, is a newsgroup set up for "Furry Fans," i.e. people who enjoy Furry artwork, images or stories.  This simply means media depicting anthropomorphic animals.

Never having been familiar with the group myself, it's not possible for me to give much more information here.  Howver, the general feeling is that - like most of Usenet nowadays - it is highly overrun by spammers and public nuisances out with the intent on disrupting it as much as possible.

If you feel this would interest you regardless, I have given a link to the FAQ for the group and a link to the group itself in the resources section below.

Resources Available for Alt.lifestyle.furry

A introduction to the newsgroup AFF, plus information about Furry Fandom and other aspects of Furriness in general.

To access this link, you will need to have a newsreader installed and configured, such as Microsoft's Outlook Express, Netscape's Mail Centre, Forté Agent or similar.  Please bear in mind the warnings about this group given above.

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