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Alt.horror.werewolves, or AHWw as the group is more widely know amongst it's members, is a Usenet newsgroup where Weres from across the globe come together to chat. Formed in 1992 as an extension of the alt.horror groups, it was originally a forum for the discussion of Werewolves in films. But the group changed emphasis, towards a concept known as Spritual Therianthropy, whereby, to put it very simplistically, a particular person feel some kind of spiritual connection to a particular animal, or animals.

Despite the name of the group, which is now only preserved for safety and accessibility's sake, not everyone on the newsgroup identifies with wolves. In fact, all sorts of theriomorphs were to be found there, ranging from dragons and wendigos to swans and tigers.

Sadly, however, since 1999 or so, the group has become infested with what to people on Usenet are known as Trolls and Spammers - people whose only intention is to post so much irrelevant rubbish to a group that eventually its members leave and the group dies out.  This is what appears to have happened to the group now, so any newcomers are more likely to get a harsh insult from one of these people than they are a welcoming post from anyone still left.

Should the group ever revive itself (which is probably unlikely), then although Weres and anyone else tolerent of this lifestyle are welcome on the group, before joining, new members are expected to have been lurking for some period of time to get an idea of the sorts of subjects raised and what is considered on and off-topic. They are also expected to have read the FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions" file) for the group, which gives a much more comprehensive introduction, and which is posted on a monthly basis to AHWw.

Many Weres, on delurking on alt.horror.werewolves, used a special "form" called the Werecard, which is a very easy and ideal way to tell the rest of the group about your own self, and your beliefs/experiences/etc. of therianthropy. Although the sub-headings relate to specific ideas and questions, Weres can write as much, or as little, as they feel necessary to introduce themselves. The Werecard is not posted on a regular basis to the newsgroup, so I am including here a link to a blank card.

Resources Available for Alt.horror.werewolves

  • View the FAQs
  • Core FAQ - The basic information about therianthropy and the group as it was, which should help any newcomers find their footings.
  • Resource FAQ - A much longer FAQ which includes more specialised information, such as book lists and movies.
  • Mini FAQs - Information about Werebears, Wendigo and Werecats.
  • Combined FAQ for Download - All three of the above in one text file.

To access this link, you will need to have a newsreader installed and configured, such as Microsoft's Outlook Express, Netscape's Mail Centre, Forté Agent or similar.  Please bear in mind the warnings about this group given above.

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