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Alt.lifestyle.furry, or ALF to which it is often abbreviated, was a newsgroup set up in order to bring together so called "lifestyle furs" from around the world. In practice, there used to be  a huge range of people who used the newsgroup, which covered all sorts of different perspectives, points of view and people's backgrounds.  So it was home to a vast array of different types of Fur, from those that feel somehow spiritually connected to their phenotype, or chosen animal, to those who just admire Furry artwork and drawings - though the pull was generally towards the former, with alt.fan.furry being more the place to go for the latter.

Much like its Were counterpart - AHWw - however, the group has seen a serious decline in recent years, with the amount of genuine traffic being easily eclipsed by that from people intent on "spamming" the group and forcing it into decline.  Like with AHWw, a large number of the group's population has now dispersed, choosing instead to occupy other communities on the internet.

While the newsgroup itself is probably now not a good idea for newcomers to the Furry scene to step into, the FAQ file for the group (see the resources section) should provide answers to the most common questions, and useful information concerning Furs in general and the history of the newsgroup itself.  It is a good idea to read this anyway before joining this or any other related group, so as to check out what is and what isn't acceptable, and not make a bad first impression.

For those interested in the spiritual or "lifestyle" side of things, you might also be interested in checking out the Therians' Campfire Mailing List, which is open to both Furs and Weres with an interest in learning or discussing therianthropically based topics.

Although by no means compulsory, many Furs liked to delurk to the newsgroup with the Furvey - a form of about 70 questions that is designed to let people know more about you, and also for you to think much more about yourself - and indeed, many people do find they discover new things about themselves after filling it in. So I have included a blank copy of a Furvey in the links at the bottom of this page.

Resources Available for Alt.lifestyle.furry

A brief, but valuable introduction to the newsgroup ALF, plus information about Furry lifestyle in general.

To access this link, you will need to have a newsreader installed and configured, such as Microsoft's Outlook Express, Netscape's Mail Centre, Forté Agent or similar.  Please bear in mind the warnings about this group given above.

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