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Therians' Campfire Mailing List was set up as an initiative on the 20th November 1999 by some of the folks from the #europe channel on the old lycanthrope.org IRC server with the intention of bringing together the Worldwide Were community in much the same way as AHWw used to.

It is intended to be a completely open mailing list, meaning that anyone can join, provided they feel they might learn something form the group and will respect the few guidelines that exists.

Posting frequency varies a fair amount, with sometimes a large amount of activity and at other times, nothing for a few days.  If the list seems quiet, you're encouraged to start up a new topic of conversation to get the posts flowing again!  For more information, and to subscribe, please see the links below.

Again, a link to a blank Werecard is included in case you feel this is the most appropriate way of introducing yourself to the group.  It is by no means compulsory, however, and you can say hello with anything from a few short sentences to a whole novel, should you be inclined.

Resources Available for Therians' Campfire

This is the latest version of the Therians' Campfire FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file and other information for newcomers.  For more general information about Therianthropy and some of the topics that might be discussed, you might consider checking out some of the links in the FAQ itself, or taking a look at one of the AHWw FAQs.

This is the "official" website of the Therians' Campfire mailing list, where you can view member listings, see articles of creativity submitted by the members, and take a look at the latest news.

Subscription to the mailing list - after you've read all the documentation and FAQ files - is done by a form through the world-wide Web.  Although you do have to be authorised by one of the administrative staff to join, this is simply a means of preventing anyone disruptive staying on the group, and you should have no problems subscribing.

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