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Alt.lifestyle.furry - Blank Furvey (v. 3.01)

This is the blank Furvey (v. 3.01) which can be used by a Furry for delurking on alt.lifestyle.furry. Feel free to write as much as you like, as outlined in the introduction section. Though if you feel that you'd prefer to leave something out (particularly in the questions that deal with sexuality) then that is perfectly understandable.

Although you welcome to print or copy the Furvey, fill it in and post it to ALF as an introduction, you are expected to have lurked on the group for quite a while and have read the FAQ before doing so.

Locandez, who designed and maintains the Furvey has requested that Furs use the copy on his Fur Lifestyle website, LotCaf, for filling in and posting rather than the copy below, which is included here merely for completeness. 

ALF FURVEY - V. 3.01


The 'Furvey' is a furry lifestyle related questionnaire. You can use it as a template for introducing yourself to alt.lifestyle.furry. You may also find that completing a Furvey helps you to explore your own furry thoughts and feelings. Feedback is welcome: feel free to email Locandez your comments and suggestions.

The Furvey is voluntary. Ignore any questions or sections which do not apply to you, or which you do not wish to answer.

When posting a Furvey to alt.lifestyle.furry, it is a good idea to include your name in the subject header, e.g. "JackFox's Furvey".



1. What is your name?

2. What is your email address?
[if you are concerned about spam, you can replace the @ with a %]

3. Are you male or female?

4. How old are you? / What is your date of birth?

5. Where do you live?

6. What are your interests/hobbies?

7. What do you do for a living?

8. How would you describe your personality?

9. Do you believe in ESP? Do you consider yourself to be psychic?

10. Are you a meat eater?

Furry Media

[more info: http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/lyndale/lotcaf/yiffle/fandom/]

[in this section, the term 'furry' refers to the depiction of
anthropomorphic animals in media (artwork, stories, music etc); and/or, media which affects you on a personal / emotional / spiritual level.]

11. Who are your favourite furry characters?
[e.g. Mickey Mouse, Chester Ringtail, Amy Squirrel, Sonic etc]

12. What type of furry artwork do you enjoy viewing/collecting?
[erotic/romantic, manga, goth, cyber/sci-fi, violent, cutesy/toony, pin-up, photomorphs/realistic, mythological, action, humorous etc]

13. What type of furry literature do you enjoy reading?
[erotic/romantic, adventure, cyber/sci-fi, violent, humorous/parody, etc]

14. What are your favourite furry films/cartoons?

15. What are your favourite furry computer games?

16. What are your favourite furry comic books?

17. What are your favourite furry comic strips?

18. What types of furry media do you create?
[art, stories, music etc. Feel free to mention a URL here]

19. Who are your favourite furry artists?

20. Who are your favourite furry writers?
[mainstream authors like Colin Dann and Brian Jacques; furry fandom writers like Allen Kitchen and Will A. Sanborn; or anecdotal Homesteaders like Batty and Plonq]

21. Who are your favourite furry musicians?


22. What types of plushies do you own?
[species, size, colour etc. If you have a menagerie of plush then you don't need to list them all]

23. What are your favourite species of plushie?

24. What attributes do you look for when buying a plushie?

25. Describe your ideal plushie.

Fursuits and Accessories

26. What type of fursuits do you own? [species, size, design etc]

27. Do you enjoy wearing furry accessories? [collars, tails, ears etc]

28. Do you feel 'furrier' when wearing a fursuit/collar/tail etc?

29. Do you wear your fursuits in public? [e.g. at conventions, parades]

30. Describe your favourite/ideal 'furry' appearance. [e.g. wearing animal-themed clothes, fursuits, tail, collars...]

['furriness' - the feelings, emotions, thoughts and lifestyle that result from your attitude towards animals / relationship with your 'phenotype']

31. What are your phenotype(s)?
['phenotype' - the species of animal(s) you empathise with, imitate, worship, etc]

32. Describe your ideal physical form.
[e.g. would you most like to be a human, or a normal zoomorphic animal, an anthropomorphic animal, centaur...]

33. How much would you like to actually become an animal/furry?

34. Would you like to be transformed into an animal/furry, if you could not change back?

35. What kind of furry, non-sexual fantasies do you have?

36. What conditions help you to enjoy/express your furriness? [being around other furries, exploring the 'great outdoors' etc]

External Furriness

37. How and when was your furriness first evident?

38. How does your furriness influence your lifestyle, personality, appearance, emotions or thoughts?


- Vocalization: barking, meowing, howling, yipping etc
- Physical: walking digitigrade, pouncing friends etc
- Online play: acting out your phenotype within a virtual world
- Imagination: thinking about being an animal and/or furry in real life
- Shifting: similar to 'imagination', but more intense. A form of meditation/hypnosis which induces a strong awareness with your phenotype
- Dreams: dreams/nightmares relating to animals and/or furries

39. How much control do you have over your furriness?
[does it have negative side effects; has it ever manifested itself involuntarily]

40. Do you act furry in public?

41. How does your furriness influence the way you interact with people?

42. Do you act more/less furry in the company of furry friends?

43. What are other people's attitudes towards your furriness?

44. What types of furry themed decorations/accessories adorn your living space? [e.g. posters, drawing, calendars in your house/room]

Internal Furriness

45. What factors influence your furriness?


- Observation: being inspired by, learning from, and imitating the behaviour and activities of animals
- Empathy: an innate, possibly unexplainable affinity to a particular species of animal(s)
- Past life: the belief that you were an animal in your past life
- Guardian spirit: external animal spirit offering you advice based around that species' 'medicine'
- Cartoon stereotypes: Disney-esque characteristics (e.g. "lion are regal") or furridom cliches (e.g. "foxes are yiffy")
- Inner spirit: the belief that you are an animal spirit in a human body. Possibly accompanied by:
- Species dysphoria: the feeling that you are in the 'wrong' body; that you would feel more comfortable in an animal's body

46. How much of your furriness is 'instinct' vs. 'learnt'?

47. The full moon: How does it affect you? Why do you think that it affects you? Do you think that it affects non-furries in the same way that it affects furries? Does the moon hold any spiritual significance for you?


48. What animals are you most/least comfortable with?

49. What pets do you own?

50. Do you have the opportunity to watch animals in the wild?

51. Do you have a greater-than-average empathy with animals?

52. Do you believe that animals have ESP?

53. Have you ever communicated with an animal via telepathy?

54. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt/raise animals for food?

55. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt/raise animals for fur/leather?

56. Do you think it is acceptable to hunt animals for sport?

The Internet

57. What are your favourite animal/furry websites?

58. What are your favourite furry MUCKs/MUDs?
[Multi User Chat Kingdoms / Multi User Dungeons - roleplaying worlds]

59. What are your favourite animal/furry newsgroups/mailing lists?

60. How did you discover alt.lifestyle.furry?

61. What were your very first impressions of alt.lifestyle.furry?

62. What do you like the most/least about alt.lifestyle.furry?

63. What would you like to see more/less of in alt.lifestyle.furry?


[more info: http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/lyndale/lotcaf/yiffle/sexuality/]

[the questions in this category relate to sexual activities and fetishes; and/or emotional relationships. Remember: feel free to skip any questions which you do not want to answer. Definitions are listed at the end of this category.]

64. Are you straight, gay or bisexual? [if you want to be more precise you can specify your answer on a scale ranging from 0 (strictly heterosexual) to 9 (strictly homosexual).]

65. What are your favourite sexual activities, with other people? [TinySex, pony play, fursuit sex, roleplay, vanilla sex etc]

66. What are your 'furry fetishes'? [Vorarephilia, macrophilia, microphilia, doraphilia, fat furries, transformation, plushophilia, inflatophilia etc]

67. Describe your ideal partner. [species, appearance, personality etc]

68. What type of furry sexual fantasies do you have?

69. Has your gender preference changed since discovering the furry community?

(optional categories, ignore if irrelevant)


70. What cartoon characters are/were you attracted to?

71. Are/were you more attracted to furry cartoon characters than to human cartoon characters?


72. What species of animal are you most attracted to?

73. Do you have a different gender preference towards animals than with humans?

74. Do you have an (animal) partner?

75. What part of an animal's body do you find the most attractive/sexy?


Fursuit sex
Pony play


Vanilla sex



- fur fetish
- having sex with and/or as a person wearing a fursuit
- attracted to inflatable animals
- attracted to enormous furries
- attracted to tiny furries
- attracted to plushies (soft toys / stuffed animals)
- animal themed BDSM; roleplaying as an equine and being led
  around by a 'trainer'
- roleplaying as an animal during sex. May also involve
  predator/prey dominance and submission
- having sex with another person(s) over the internet
- a 'crush' on a cartoon character
- aroused by the idea of transforming into an animal/furry
- 'normal' human/human sex: no fursuits, no kinky stuff
   etc :)
- aroused by the idea of eating/being eaten by an
- sexual/emotional attraction towards real animals

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