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Net.lycanthropy, or Net.lyc, was formed on Usenet II following the rapid decline of AHWw.  Because of this, unlike AHWw it supposedly has the advantage that it can be spam and troll free on the grounds that you need an account to access it, and this can be terminated at any time.

Given the difficulty in finding a service allowing connection to Usenet II, I'm uncertain as to whether or not the group still exists - most Internet Service Providers do not allow their customers Usenet II access.  While I had access, it certainly had far less of a following than any of the other online communities, with posts barely numbering a few each week.

You might like to try reading through the Official Usenet II website for some general information on the service; if your ISP doesn't offer access, you'll most likely have to pay for a subscription from a news service such as newsguy.com.

Resources Available for Net.lycanthropy

As far as I am aware, there are no FAQ files for the newsgroup as of yet.  If you are able to access the group (assuming it still exists) and know otherwise, please email me with the details.  In the meantime, you might find the AHWw FAQ files should be able to answer most of your questions.

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