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Other Mailing Lists - AHWw and Therianthropy

A small number of other mailing lists have sprung up, either with the intention of discussing something very specific, or in an attempt to combat the problems caused by the infestation of AHWw with Spammers and Trolls.

AHWw Mailing List

This list is provided by Yahoo! Groups, and was set up to try and regroup the Were Community following the poor posting that AHWw was getting at the time.  It has attracted attention from people who were not on AHWw, so the name is perhaps a little misleading.  For more information, visit the page below, or ask the List Owner.

Therianthropy Mailing List

This is another Yahoo! Groups mailing list, created at the same time as the AHWw one, and for exactly the same reason.  Ironically, it attracted more of the old AHWw folk than the so called mailing list named in the newsgroup's honour.  Again, more information can be found at the link below, or from the List Owner.

Resources Available for these Lists

Both of these pages contain details for how to subscribe to either mailing list, and also contain archives of the postings made there.  Note: In order to join the lists, you will either need to already have an account with Yahoo! Groups, or will need to set one up.

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