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UK Regional Furry Mailing Lists

Since the founding of the London Furs Mailing List, several other smaller mailing lists have sprung up around the UK, all in an attempt to facilitate and make more regular the gatherings of interested Furs from those regions.  It's now the case that most areas of the country are well within travelling distance of one of these groups, and most hold regular meets, as often as once a month or more.

While membership is not exclusive towards people living in any set "catchment area," it's useful only to join a list if you're within travelling distance of most of their meets: list traffic is more geared towards arranging gatherings than it is towards general discussion in most cases.

New members to any of the lists are always welcome, and below are links to the individual websites for each, with instructions on how to join. 

Many of the Furs on these communities hang out either on FurryMUCK, or on the #uk or #northernfurs channels on Furnet IRC, so if you want to ask any questions, I'm sure one of them would be most willing to oblige.

Resources Available for these Lists

An all-encompassing website for the UK Furry Community, listing details of forthcoming events and more information on the mailing lists below.  You can also browse the forums and set up your own detailed profile, enabling you to search those of others to find Furs living near you.

For Furs in and around London - by far the biggest of the regional Furry communities.  See also this basic description of the group.

  • The SouthFurs - for Furs living in or around the Bristol, Bath, Cornwall and Devon areas of England.

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