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Alt.horror.werewolves - Blank Werecard

This is the blank Werecard form which can be used by a Were for delurking on alt.horror.werewolves. Feel free to write as much as you like, particularly for the "personal Therianthropy" section, where some detail is expected.

Although you welcome to print or copy this form, fill it in and post it to AHWw as an introduction, you are expected to have lurked on the group for quite a while and have read the FAQs before doing so.

My Werecard (somewhat out of date!) can be viewed as an example of how to fill the form in, while a more comprehensive archive of other Weres' cards can be found at Utlah's Werecard Archive.


Human Name:
Were Name:
Shifting Ability: (mental, physical, etc.)

Home Territory: (where you live now)
Dream Territory: (where you'd like to live, ideally)

Physical Description, Human:
Physical Description, Were:

Human Career:

Favourite Movies:
Favourite Were-movie:

Favourite Literature:
Favourite Were Literature:

Favourite Art:
Favourite Were-art:

Favourite Quote:
Favourite Were Saying/Quote:
Favourite Personal Quote:

Favourite Song/Band(s):
Favourite Were Song/Band(s):

Favourite Season:
Favourite Holidays:

Preferred Prey:
Hunting Tips:
Preferred Method of Attack:

Favourite Non-Were Mythological Beast:

Feelings Toward Vampires:
Feelings Toward Normal Humans:

Personal Lycanthropy / Therianthropy:
(This is probably the most important part of the card. What we're after here is a few paragraphs explaining what your lycanthropy means to you, how it fits into and affects your life, your goals, etc. Tell us about your first transformation/realisation of your were nature. Describe the lycanthropy myth as you see it. And so on...)

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