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WEREMail is a Mailing List set up specifically for Weres and anyone else interested in Therianthropy from Europe only.  As such, it is quite a close-knit community, though anyone satisfying the above criteria is more than welcome to join in - just see the links at the bottom of the page.

The posting to the list varies in its quantity - sometimes days can go by without any posts, at other times, there can be anything up to 15 per day, depending on the topics people have started up.  For Weres in Europe, it is a very warm and friendly community, and a great place to meet other Weres who might not live all that far away from you.

In conjunction with WEREMail is the EuroHowl Mailing list, set up for the purpose of organising Howls and similar gatherings for Weres in Europe.  Information about this list can be found in the EuroHowl Section of these pages.

Resources Available for WEREMail

A short introduction to the WEREMail mailing list, outlining the aim of the list and some of its policies, along with full instructions on how to join up and post to the group.

Go here to subscribe or unsubscribe from the mailing list, or to change your subscription preferences.  Please read the FAQ above before joining.

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