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WEREMail - The FAQ

Version 1.4, 13/10/01 

This latest version of this FAQ can be found at the following webpage:


1.1 What is WEREmail?

"WEREmail" is a mailing list/discussion group for therianthropy and any other animal related subjects. WEREmail is only open to resident Europeans for historical reasons.

1.2 What is Therianthropy?

Therianthropy is a complex subject, but in it's most basic sense, it is about humans who feel connected to animals in some way. This connection may be physical, mental, astral or spiritual. Such examples would be Native American Totem animals, or perhaps shapeshifters and lycanthropes.

1.3 Why was WEREmail set up?

WEREmail was created to provide a more private forum for European Weres to discuss therianthropy and related subjects. The aim is to promote a close knit European Pack, in conjunction with the EuroHowls. It was also created to supplement the WEREweb pages at:


1.4 Who is the Administrator?

The WEREmail list is administrated by Utlah. The mail server on which the mailing list is run, is kindly provided by Farthing W Fox (AKA Francisco).

1.5 How do I use WEREmail?

Subscription Address: Utlah-ML@swampfox.demon.co.uk
WEREmail Address: WEREmail@critter.net

To subscribe to the list is a simple enough task. Send an Email message to the subscription address and include (Without chevrons) in the body of the Email:

subscribe weremail Email Address

To unsubscribe from the list is just as simple. Send a message to the subscription address including the line in the body of the Email:

unsubscribe weremail Email Address 

Please note that if it appears that an address is invalid for more than a week then the subscription will be removed without warning. If this occurs then simply resubscribe to the list. 

To post an Email to the WEREmail list, send the Email to the WEREmail address (Not the Subscription Address). The Majordomo software will then distribute the Email to all the people on the list. To reply to a post, simply select "reply-to" on your Email software. Remember that you have to be a member of the mailing list before you can post to the newsgroup.

(A note to Turnpike users: You can use this Mailing list as a new newsgroup. To do this, in Turnpike "Offline" go to:

"File/Configure/Email routing/Mailing lists" 

Follow the prompts to create a newsgroup. This 'pseudo' newsgroup can then be added to a News Stand and used in the same way as standard newsgroups.)

1.6 What should I do when I join the list?

On joining the list, it is advised that you make an introductory post. Unlike such newsgroups as AHWw, there are no forms such as Werecards for this. You are free to give as little or as much information as you feel is relevant in your introductory post. However, please supply at least a name or nickname, and a general geographical location. (Not your full address!)

1.7 What is considered "on-topic"?

The group is to be considered informal, however please bear in mind that everyone on the Email list will read your Emails. So try to make sure that your post will be of interest to everyone on the group. Subjects can range from therianthropy to just animals in general, but please refrain from unrelated topics such as computing, which not everyone has an interest in. WEREmail is not moderated at this time, though it can be if the need arises.

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