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Caption Competition!

To prevent me from incriminating myself with my own words, I am inviting other people this time to submit captions to be used against selected pictures in the "Caught on Camera" Archive.

The winner of each competition will see his or her winning caption placed on the site for all to view, and if I feel other entries are worthy of display, I shall include them on this page for a short while.

The competition, judged by myself, shall continue for as long as it takes for a printable caption to be submitted!  You might like to look as some of the other captions in the Picture Archive to see the sort of style and length I am after.

Winners for the competitions are listed below, together with captions they submitted.  Direct all ensuing flame wars at them!

Well done to all the winners, and thanks to all those that put their sanity, or lack of it, on the line by submitting their entries to the competition.

Competition 1 - 16 December 1999

"*gasp* Ahhhh! Fresh air! You wouldn't believe the smell in there..."

"Captains Log, Stardate unknown: I keep getting buzzing static on my communicator..."

Competition 2 - 31 March 2000

Utlah was an extremely safety-conscious wolf, and didn't find it amusing when the other furs laughed when his airbag inflated accidentally.

Competition 3 - 24 June 2000

It's a low budget production, called "An Essex Werewolf in Essex"

Cadbury's furs - how do you eat yours?
"Me? I like to have them rammed down my throat. I enjoy it really."

Competition 4 - 5 July 2001

There are two pictures in this competition for which I am inviting caption submissions:

Picture 1 was taken at a local public park in St. Albans, home to Ia'kat, when he and a small group of other Furs went for an afternoon walk.  Picture 2 is taken from the Easter Therians' Meet 2001, the successor to last year's Easter Meet, when a group of Furs decided to follow an online recipe for a very strong chocolate concoction.

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