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Lone Wolf's Den


Rename Lone Wolf!

After almost 5 years with one of the most popular pseudonyms on the internet, I've decided it's about time for a change.  To combat my lack of imagination (after all, I couldn't think of anything better than "Lone Wolf" at the time!), I'm inviting you to make a suggestion for a new nickname by filling in the form below.  No prizes - just a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling of success if your entry is chosen.

Please note that any suggestions you make should be subject to the following conditions:

  • The name should be non-copyrighted, and should be neither rude, insulting, sexually explicit nor distasteful.

  • It should be a single word and not explicitly contain the word "wolf" (though by all means, experiment with "wolf" in other languages).

  • It should, of course, be almost unique, although that's not to say that it necessarily has to return nil results in a Google search.  You can check this in various large online databases of names, for example, Hotmail or the ICQ whitepages (search by nickname).

(N.B. Misuse of this form to send insults, threats, debt refinancing adverts etc. will be politely ignored.  It really isn't worth your time writing them.)

Entry Form

Your suggested name: (required)

Disclaimer: By clicking "submit entry," you hereby grant "Lone Wolf" all rights to your suggested name should he chose it from all the entries received.  In other words, don't later claim that its every utterance should be followed by a copyright statement in your name!

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