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Constructing the Hindpaws

Although perhaps belonging more to a full fursuit than something you'd want to casually walk around in at furmeets and conventions etc., a pair of hindpaws, as detailed below, can still be worn on their own or as a complement to the Tail and Ears as described elsewhere.  Below, I outline the procedure I went through in the construction of the hindpaws I made myself.

Because I have tried to make the paws look digitigrade, it is almost impossible to wear a pair of ordinary trousers over them without first cutting up the trousers.  However, were one to do this, or indeed make the paws without the digitigrade look, then they, combined with, say, a full head, tail and forepaws make up a relatively inexpensive way of having a costume, without needing to construct a full bodysuit.  And although obviously looking somewhat canine, with a little intuition, I'd imagine that the instructions below can be modified to suit any animal whose "generic" paw shape is roughly similar.

While I have absolutely no objections to people using this construction guide and the patterns therein for their own fursuiting purposes, I'd be grateful if you could Email Me and let me know you are doing this, to satisfy my own curiosity.  Bear in mind that this is how I made my paws - this method worked for me, you may find that it's too confusing, or you want to do things differently.  By all means, go ahead, and let me know how you get on and what modifications you make.  There is no right or wrong way to go about things - pick something that works for you.

The Instructions - Under Construction

I am currently in the process of writing the detailed instructions for the making of the hindpaws.

In the meantime, you might find the following diagrams helpful.  Wearing an ordinary sock, trace round your foot onto a piece of paper, and then sketch on an overlay of where the paw would most naturally come (click for a larger version):

Paw Pattern

Cut out, and trace each of the four paw-pads (labeled 1 to 4) onto a block of foam, and carve each out individually.  Carve out the underside of each small block of foam so that it fits the contours of the foot in the positions determined by your initial diagram above.

You can then stick each of the paw-pads to a football sock, or similar long sock, using contact adhesive, which provides a very strong, but flexible bond.  You will need to be wearing the sock to be able to stick the pads on, so you might like to enlist the help of a friend.

For the rest of the paw, you might like to refer to the pictures of the unfinished article below, or wait till I've finished writing up the instructions. :)

Hindpaw Picture 1 Hindpaw Picture 2

Once all the foam is in place, glue (with the contact adhesive) the fur of your choice over the whole of the paw, using small overlapping strips of fur, and making sure to get the grain of the fur in the same direction.  Repeat the whole process for the other paw.

Then wear, and enjoy!

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