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One of the many little niggling thoughts I get as a Were is wanting to be a wolf and to have the body of a wolf.  Sadly, in my lifetime at least, it's quite improbable (though not impossible if current scientific improvement is to be believed...) that either of these will happen, so I have had to resort to "Fursuiting," as it is known, for the next best thing.

So why do I do it?  Surely "dressing up as an animal" is left either to children at school plays, or to people on charity collections?  Not at all, and the number of people out there who take making and wearing costumes seriously is testament to this.  Unlike most, however, I am approaching the issue from a therianthropical standpoint - to see if having the costume has any impact on my Wereside, and to bring me as close to physical shifting as modern science allows.

Consequently, what I am in effect doing is trying to obtain the most realistic effect that my paws and skill level will allow, which, sadly, is not much at present.  There are plenty of places out there detailing cartoony type fursuits and fursuits with a similar theme in mind for those of you interested in that slant on things.

Fursuit Construction

The fursuit I am currently working on, which is my first attempt too, is still very much in the stage of prototype and images in my mind, though gradually is starting to materialise.  As more and more gets done, I shall be putting pictures and construction information up on these pages to help people after a similar finished product to me.

  • General Information

  • Cutting Fake Fur - Very important - read this part before embarking on any of the projects shown here, especially if you plan to use long fur.

  • Constructing the Tail - Instructions on how to create your own tail, either as a separate "appendage" or as part of a complete fursuit.  Both wolves and foxes as well as similar canids are catered for here.

  • Constructing Ears - Instructions on how to create a nice pair of ears from plastic meshing.  They detail making canine ears to be worn separately from any fursuit, but could probably be modified to suit any needs or animal.

  • Constructing Hind Paws - (Reinstated) - Instructions on how to create a simple foam sculpted hind paw with a digitigrade look, to be worn separately from any fursuit.

Fursuit Pictures

Again, I shall be putting pictures of my Fursuit up here as and when they become available.  While in progress, there are some photos of  folks wearing my tail and ears, the construction of which is shown above.  Also here are photos of a slightly more vulpine fursuiting adventure, and my attempts at making a fox head.


Two people have really helped me on my way more than anyone else with getting together plans and constructing my Fursuit:

  • Jamie Wolf - An Australian Fursuiter who, through IRC, has given me lots of tips and advice on making my suit, as well as detailed construction information for the parts as yet unfinished.  Here is a link to His Website.

  • Graloo - whose Fursuit construction information on His Site (which seems to have been now taken down...) has given me the inspiration and the construction details behind my tail.

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