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My, what Big Ears you have...

Here are some of the pictures I have of my ears - all are of me modeling them, though the pictures themselves are far from good!

The ears look possibly somewhat out of place on me - if I was making another set, I'd definitely change their size and shape a little to suit me more (and thus I urge other people embarking on similar projects to make plenty of prototypes and perfect the design).  But they look cute, nonetheless. :)

The images shown below all point to the full-sized pictures.

Various pictures of myself at the party at Stormrider's Easter Y2K Therians' Meet complete with ears and tail (and collar).  Unfortunately, the pictures are of very poor quality, and don't show the ears too well, but they nevertheless give a general idea of the design, and the fact that I perhaps made them somewhat too big for me.


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