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Anyone for a Tail?

Here are some of the pictures I have of my tail - both me wearing it and other people trying it on (and getting thoroughly addicted in the process...).

Don't some of these snaps make any self-respecting human being jump up and say "Yes! I want a tail!"?  Well, I think they should anyway. :)

The images shown below all point to the full-sized pictures.

"Look  at how this thing swings!" thinks Utlah, as he stands in the middle of a public car park looking rather pleased and showing off his new-found appendage.

He then wore it all the way down the beach, into the pub for lunch, into the pub toilets...and without so much a worry as to some of the comments being whispered by other people along the route... 

Starfury models the Fox version of the tail in my university bedroom (as if you couldn't tell by the posters on the wall ;) ).

Note the white tip at its end - due to a little accidental floofing (probably on my part!), it looks somewhat thicker at its tip than it really is; it does taper to a point.

Yes, yes, you may mock, but it had to be done eventually, didn't it?

In case you hadn't already guessed, this is yours truly sporting the tail and a rather dubious looking wolfy hat belonging to MegaDog at the same time.

Zagenth and Solulo stand around Ruin in the midst of Waterloo station, which gives a better view of the latter wearing my tail, and also of Ruin's prototype ears.

Note the woman in the top left of the picture as she looks on wondering what on earth is going on!!

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