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Anthrocon 2001, 27-29 July 2001

These are the photographs that I took at the convention.  There aren't a great number of them, since I decided I'd rather have a good time and enjoy myself than spend most of it taking pictures, especially knowing that lots of other people would do the latter and upload their photographs.  You can find that online archive here.  Other pages you might be interested in seeing are:

  • A Fox in Action - Convention photographs, taken by others, of the wolf in fox's clothing.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

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Aerofox (left) and Loriana, two cute little foxes with whom I shared our hotel room for the weekend of the convention.
The Funday Pawpet Show (see their website) live at Anthrocon.  You can just about make out Mutt and his friends on the stage.
Dr Conway, otherwise known as Uncle Kagemushi, organiser of the whole event and cockroach extraordinaire, joins Mutt during the Pawpet Show.
Random Fursuit photograph No. 1

Feel free to identify the people pictured here.

Random Fursuit photograph No. 2

Feel free to identify the people pictured here.

Marrok (see his website), and his distinctly lupine Fursuit creation.
'Uncle Kage's Story Hour' at Anthrocon - an hour of humourous storytelling from an extremely funny and clever person.
Uncle Kage on stage again for his story hour, with his mother and oldest con-goer standing up to the right playing a little joke on her son involving more cockroaches...


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