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Anthrocon 2001, 27-29 July 2001

These are the photographs that I took at the convention.  There aren't a great number of them, since I decided I'd rather have a good time and enjoy myself than spend most of it taking pictures, especially knowing that lots of other people would do the latter and upload their photographs.  You can find that online archive here.  Other pages you might be interested in seeing are:

  • A Fox in Action - Convention photographs, taken by others, of the wolf in fox's clothing.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

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Tyger Cowboy (left) in his white tiger costume, together with Spike (right) as a snowleopard.
Diadexxus poses in her hand-made white tiger costume, complete with carbon dioxide fully-functioning fold-away wings.
Brokken (see his website) showing off as a blue wolf in the hotel lobby, with a small gathering of onlookers behind him.
The 'Furry Frolic' Dinner on the Saturday evening, in the hotel's own restaurant.

Clockwise from left - Alaskan Wolf, KJ, Tibor, T-Chall, Lobowolf, Loriana and Aerofox.

A series of photographs taken the following night at the Spirituality dinner, in the same restaurant.

Clockwise from left - Looksfar, JRedWolf, Harry Bear, Alaskan Wolf, Camstone Fox and his mate Jenna.

From left to right:
Standing on left - Skytech, Max Ursus
Seated on left - Flep Kitsu, ... , Kamau, Smrgol, Loriana, Aerofox
Steated on right - ... , ... , ... , Anthropuppy

Please help identify any of the names I've left blank.

A view across the restaurant.  Tigermoon Foxx is the lady seated to the right of the photo, but I'm unable to identify any of the others.

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