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Anthrocon 2002, Fox in Action!

These are photographs taken of me by other people at Anthrocon 2002, wearing the foxsuit which I had been loaned for the second year in a row, together with the new fox head that I had made to go with it.  A lot are fairly repetitive, but are reproduced here (with permission) for sake of completeness, with credit given to the relevant photographers as appropriate.  As at last year's convention, it was a fun and enjoyable experience.  These photos form part of a large archive of pictures taken at the convention, mostly of the fursuiters there, which can be found here.  Other pages you might be interested in seeing are:

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

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The vulpine trio again, myself on the far left.

(Photograph taken by Timduru)

Me, taking a break for water in the 'headless lounge.'  Despite me missing my right paw, it's still not a bad photograph.

(Photograph taken by Boogi)

Myself once again, coming out of the 'headless lounge' to do a bit more prowling of the hotel lobbies and corridors.

(Photograph taken by Rhea; no contact information available)

Sunday saw an organised fursuit parade through the hotel, with just under 100 fursuiters taking part.  Here we are, waling through the Dealers' Den, me following 'Bernie.'

(Photograph taken by Slycat)

Here's the procession again, leaving the lobby area.  Behind me is Mejeep the ferret.

(Photograph taken by R. Benson)

Midway through Sunday's parade, everyone amassed in the lobby area for a giant photoshoot of all 100 fursuiters.  Because of rain outside, the backup location was not ideal, leading to many folks not being able to be seen.  I'm near the back, circled in this picture.

(Photograph taken by R. Benson)

Not strictly a photo of me masquerading as a fox, but I'm masquerading as a human, so it vaguely counts.  Mirko's on the left, next to him is Wolfus, and I'm on the right, leaning over to be seen.

(Photograph taken by R. Benson)

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