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Anthrocon is, at the present time, probably the largest of the so-called 'Anthropomorphic conventions' which take place every year in the United States.  Attended by around 1300-1400 people, it attracts Weres and Furs from all around America, as well as a large contingent from Europe, Australia and other countries.

The convention (often just abbreviated to 'con') takes place in Philadelphia, during the month of July, and with so many people attending, a whole hotel is taken over for the long weekend (typically Thursday night until Monday morning, official activities taking place Friday to Sunday), along with its convention facilities, and this forms the basis for all the activities.

With such a diverse range of attendees, a similarly wide range of panels, activities and events are organised, and a lot of these are to be found at many of the cons that take place throughout the year.  There's the masquerade, similar to a talent show, for the con's many fursuiters who want to take part, an art show and room where artists can sell their work, several organised dances, and many different panels, spanning everything from effective role-playing and improving your drawing to fursuit building and Furry spirituality.

From my experience at least, the convention is a lot of fun, and definitely worthwhile attending no matter your stance on Were/Furry or where you live.  For those who think that 1500 people in such a small space is intimidating, from experience it really isn't, and that certainly shouldn't put you off from going.  There's guaranteed to be something to suit your tastes, and if not, organise your own event and advertise it to everyone else.

Anthrocon 2001, 27-29 July 2001

The first large convention that I attended, held at the Adams Mark Hotel, Philadelphia.  I took along a friend's foxsuit just for the opportunity to have some fun without having to worry about what other people think.  The official attendance figure was well over 1400, and will have numbered more anyway, and it was one of the best weekends I've had in a long while.

  • A Fox in Action - Convention photographs, taken by others, of the wolf in fox's clothing.

  • The Anthrocon Photo Collection - An amalgamated, indexed and searchable archive of all the photos taken at Anthrocon 2001, numbering some 1360 pictures.

Anthrocon 2002, 12-14 July 2002

This was the second year running that I'd gone over to America with the express purpose of attending Anthrocon - possibly because I enjoyed it so much the previous year.  Attendance figures were greater this time round - close to 1700 I believe - and the organised activities reached a higher standard, now that they'd had experience of the hotel.  I borrowed the same fursuit as before, only this time I made a new head to avoid being confused with all the other people with the same costume.  So for the second year in a row, I was a wolf in fox's clothing, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  More conventions are bound to be in order...

  • The Anthrocon Photo Collection - An amalgamated, indexed and searchable archive of all the photos taken at Anthrocon 2002, numbering some 1330 pictures.


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