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EuroHowl ’99, 17-24 July 1999

I think the grand total for the number of people who underwent the "EuroHowl ’99 Experience" was 12, including those that only came for the weekend, or for a short while in the middle of the Howl (such as myself). 7 made the full week, spending 7 nights in student accommodation at Exeter university.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

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Sci, Polenth and Utlah examine the prey awaiting them at the childrens' enclosure at Paignton Zoo...sadly security cameras prevented Utlah from being more adventurous in trying out his hunting techniques.
Wednesday night, and the MegaDog Curry Experience is in full swing...even the rice is radioactive! By the way, the people closest to the camera had the extra extra strong version...
An Utlahwoof decides that riding along at 80 mph with fur to the wind is the only way to travel for a dog...
Thursday, and everybody stops for a rest at a viewpoint near Exteter. Left to Right we have: Chris, MegaDog, Utlah, Polenth, Sci, Starfury and Swampy. Dave Hughes has got lost, and I, wearing tail of course, am getting suspicious looks from the woman sitting behind me...
In a nearby carpark, MegaDog and Chris Marmachutz play frisbie, while Utlah plays "How many dents can you make in the MegaDogMobile with a frisbie?"
Erm...err...yes...the car in the picture is Chris', all the way over from Germany. What?! You mean there's a person in that picture wearing a wolf's head and tail???


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