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EuroHowl ’99, 17-24 July 1999

I think the grand total for the number of people who underwent the "EuroHowl ’99 Experience" was 12, including those that only came for the weekend, or for a short while in the middle of the Howl (such as myself). 7 made the full week, spending 7 nights in student accommodation at Exeter university.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

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Having run up an almost vertical incline, MegaDog, Dave Hughes, Starfury and Chris examine the local pond life, while the local pond life examine four nutters at the top of a hill...
While everyone takes in the views over Exeter and the surrounding areas, Dave Hughes and Sci go in search of berries.
Polenth, in the knowledge that Sci will not part with his newly-found treasure, decides to inflict foxy torture and tie it to a tree. Just one of the gallivantings on between this pair...and the fox's reaction? "Yiff!"
Utlah decides to temporarily leave our mark on a gravel pathway...if you look closely you can see a wolf's head scratched into the gravel in front of the wolf. Wonder how long it lasted?
The picture that Utlah didn't want me to take, the one he tried to stop me taking, the one he had to be put in restraint to have taken, and the one taken in such a hurry I ended up with my thumb over the lens. Of course, it's Utlah sporting MegaDog's wolfy hat...:)

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