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EuroHowl ’99, 17-24 July 1999

I think the grand total for the number of people who underwent the "EuroHowl ’99 Experience" was 12, including those that only came for the weekend, or for a short while in the middle of the Howl (such as myself). 7 made the full week, spending 7 nights in student accommodation at Exeter university.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.


From Left to Right:
MegaDog, Utlah, Dave Hughes and Little Dave (In front), Sci, Polenth, Swampy, Old Lone Wolf, Starfury, and Chris Marmachutz.
All pose for the camera on the Friday morning before setting off for Exmouth.
Somebody notices a mad wolf wearing a tail and taking a picture of a group of similar nutters. So he invites me to get in the picture with them while he takes the snap...so there I am next to Utlah, while Swampy hides behind Sci for this one.
Utlah, having spent the past couple of days growing a fond addiction to a tail belonging to yours truly, decides to sport it in the car park along the seafront near Exmouth. He then wore it all the way down the beach, into the pub for lunch, into the pub toilets...and without so much a worry as to some of the comments being whispered by other people along the route...

This was the first time in the three days I was at the meet that I ventured into taking the tail off!

Old Lone Wolf, Polenth and Utlah (having de-tailed) play about on the beach with a degree of silliness unrivaled by anyone but a group of Weres.
Utlah and Polenth decide to inflict some more foxy torture, this time with water...

Sadly, this was also the point at which I had to say goodbye to EuroHowl and return on my not-so-merry way home.


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