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For Weres and Furs living in Europe, there is the chance once a year of getting together for what is called a Howl, or, given the origin of the participants, a EuroHowl. Accommodation is arranged so that everybody attending, as far as possible, lives, eats, cooks and sleeps together for a week's duration, and has a good time as a result.

So far, three gatherings under the title of "EuroHowl" have been organised, in 1996, 1997 and 1999 respectively. Also, although not under the same title, a large week-long convention style meet was held in Easter of 2000 organised by Stormrider, and a smaller, more spiritual weekend gathering took place in 2002. Organisation or theses larger meets has been carried out by various people in the past, though is of course always open to anyone with the willingness and the time.

And in case you are interested in seeing loads of Weres and Furs acting silly:

  • UK Were and Fur Meets - Pictures and Reports from some of the smaller meets that have taken place in the UK during 1999

  • USA Meets - Pictures and Reports form gatherings I've attended and trips made to America, including two trips to AnthroCon.


I was privileged to be able to attend EuroHowl 99 for a few days, down in Exeter and based on the university campus.

  • Caught on Camera - Snaps I managed to get showing the serious and some of the more humorous moments during the time I was at Eurohowl ’99.


Although not given the name of a Howl, Stormrider's Easter Therian Meet of 2000 was by far one of, if not the largest Were and Fur gatherings this country has seen, with an attendance of over 50 people from both the UK and Mainland Europe at its peak.  For these reasons, I have included it on these pages.

If someone else would like to organise something similar to this in the future, then they'd be more than welcome to, as the general feeling about this meet was that it was an excellent way for Weres and Furs to get together, socialise and chat, as well as be themselves for the duration.  Discussions about the future occurrence of a like-intentioned meet should be addressed to the EuroHowl Mailing List, details of which can be found below.


Following three whole years without a Howl being held this side of the Atlantic (the Easter Y2K Therian Meet was not really a spiritually-orientated gathering), folks decided to get together and organise a weekend away in the Lake District - a remote and picturesque (and wet!) area not far south of the Scottish border - towards the end of October 2002.  Organised by RedStorm/Gerren and entitled "BritHowl 2002," we had a very successful 11-strong gathering.

  • Caught on Camera - Pictures I took over the course of the weekend at BritHowl 2002.


Following the success of BritHowl 2002, there are likely to be further gatherings organised for 2003 along similar lines, maybe during either Spring or late Summer when the weather might be slightly kinder.  Accommodation would most probably be of the same type, and in the same region of England, which affords a remote location while offering plenty of places to go and see - ideal for a gathering of this sort.

There is a mailing list specifically for the discussion of EuroHowl related topics, hosted on Francisco's critter.net server, and anyone interested in participating in a Howl during 2003 is advised to join in the talk on this list. To join is relatively straight-forward - simply visit the following website, and enter your email address and a choice of password:


Postings to the list can then be made by addressing mail to: eurohowl@critter.net.

It should be noted that the mailing list's sole intention is for the discussion and organisation of the EuroHowls, and for no other non-related topics. For such discussion, the best place for European Weres is the WEREMail Mailing List.

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