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Several times each year, there are large gathering of Weres and Furs in addition to the smaller meets, usually taking place in either America or Europe, and attracting people from many countries.

The Furry community in America organise about seven or eight such meetings, or 'conventions' per year, often taking over a hotel and its conference facilities and playing host to a wide range of activities, panels and displays to cater for the wide range of people who attend them.  Because of the sheer number of people attending (over 1500 at the most popular), which usually include Furry Fans and fursuiters, right through to Weres, Furry Lifestylers and many more, they are very well organised, to the standard of any other professional business convention.

The Were communities in America and Europe also organise their own gatherings, on a less regular and less 'formal' basis, which they call 'Howls.'  They don't have the attendance that the big US conventions attract, but this can be beneficial in its own way.  And while open to all, they tend to attract, and thus cater for people who are more spiritually orientated towards their phenotype(s).  They generally tend to be organised through local area mailing lists, so it's a good idea to get on one of them.

The following pages are intended to give some insight and information into, and photographs of, my personal experiences.

Furry Conventions

With the exception of one (see the 'Links' section below), all of the major Furry conventions are held within the US and Canada.  Because of this, I have only been able to attend one to date, namely Anthrocon.

  • Anthrocon - The largest, if not one of the largest, gatherings of Weres and Furs in the USA, held once a year in July at a hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Howls and Other Gatherings

Being in the UK, and to date unable to travel all over the world, I have only visited the gatherings that have taken place in this country.  There are, of course, similar get-togethers around the globe, and the best place to find out about your nearest is via a local area mailing list.

  • The EuroHowls - A series of gatherings which have taken place here in the UK, organised for Weres and spiritually-orientated furs.

  • Other Gatherings - Photos from a lot of the smaller meets and gatherings of UK Weres and Furs

Resources and Links

  • Furry Conventions - this list is by no means exhaustive, but gives links to the websites for the most popular Furry conventions taking place throughout the year.

  • Howls and Other Gatherings - As stated above, the best way to find out about, or to organise these is via you're local Were or Furry Mailing list.  However, you might find some of these links useful:

  • The Werelist - A searchable database of Weres around the world, and also a place to advertise (or search for) an upcoming howl or similar event.

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