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"Metro," Friday 22nd December 2000

The following article appeared in the above issue of "Metro," a free newspaper, printed in Britain, for the Midlands Region.


POSTAL delivery staff should take extra care delivering letters when the moon is full, according to research results published yesterday. Scientists have discovered that dogs are more likely to bite humans during a full moon, at least in Britain.

Researchers identified 1,621 patients who attended the casualty department at Bradford Royal Infirmary after being bitten by animals between 1997 and 1999. Dogs accounted for 95% of the bites, with cats, rats and horses causing the other casualties. During the period studied, there were 37 full moon days. When the figures were analysed, it was found that people were twice as likely to be bitten on or around full moon days than at other times.

The researchers, led by Dr Chanchal Bhattacharjee, at Bradford Royal Infirmary, concluded in the British Medical Journal: 'The full moon is associated with a significant increase in animal bites to humans.' In ancient mythology, the day of the full moon was a day for driving away misfortune and evil. The British researchers said previous studies had shown correlations between crime, crisis incidence, human aggression, births and traffic accidents, and phases of the moon.

Article "Metro," Associated Newspapers Ltd, December 2000

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