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Articles of Interest to Weres

These pages are intended as a miscellany of articles that might be of interest to any Weres or Furs out there. Of course, as this site is so new, the number of articles is limited, but if you do have anything that you feel would benefit the Were community through inclusion, feel free to submit it to me.


By Lone Wolf

  • Plushie Addiction - a somewhat light-hearted look at the attractions, or not, of plushies (stuffed animals).  By Lone Wolf.  Intended purely for amusement...

By Other Authors

  • Past Present Future - A look at mankind, its successes and failures, and what the future holds for the species and the Therianthropes within it.  By Razza Wolf


  • “BIZARRE” Issue 21, June 1999 - “All Right Nowoooooooo!” by Joe McNally
    a profile of today's modern Werewolves.

  • World-Wide Were Legends - Taken from the June 1999 Issue of "Bizarre"
    Examples of Transformation Myths from around the World.

  • Kitten-Heeled - A rather bizarre, possibly Furry article taken from "The Observer Magazine" about people who dance with their cars, and based on a similar book.

  • The Wild and the Innocent - A slightly cynical read, all about wolves, the misunderstanding we have about them and the wolf in us.  Taken from "The Guardian Weekend" Magazine.

  • 1m if I'm a Werewolf - A somewhat humorous article which appeared in the 20th December issue of "The Sun" newspaper over here in Britain.

  • Dogs go Wild at Full Moon - Full moon?  Got a dog?  Better not let him near the postman, then...

  • Pupils Sum up Maths Teachers as Fat Nerds - Taken from "The Times" in January 2001.  Not strictly Were or Furry orientated, but it's nice to know the high regard in which us mathematicians are held...

  • A Wild Hobby brings out the Beast in them - An article appearing in Philadelphia's local newspaper about, and at the same time as, a major Furry convention being held there.

  • METROscope - A little bit of Werewolf fun from the local horoscope.


  • The Werewolf Book by Brad Steiger.  A supposed "Encyclopaedia of shapeshifting beings" from which this is a list of Werewolf-related websites.  Take it for what you will...

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