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Control Freaks - You or your therianthropy

There is a question I have been pondering lately, do we control our therianthropy, or does our therianthropy control us? Most people would be quick to say that they control their therianthropy, but I wonder if they are being entirely truthful. To say you don't have complete control of yourself sounds scary; it makes you sound like you're a schizophrenic, a loony. But that's because people always assume this is a bad thing. I certainly can't turn shifts on and off at will, though I know ways of looking for them, most of them come on with little or no warning, and may effect the way I move, how I react to and with other people or to a situation, even the way I sound. Now I can't really control this, I can try and suppress it, but that doesn't always work and never feels like the right thing to do at the time.

Hmm, now one has to be careful, how one treads here because the line between what we think of as just normal lycanthropy and the clinical definition of lycanthropy becomes blurred. At what point do things go too far? When the inner part of you takes the reins, how is this accepted? Should it be feared, tolerated, revered? I feel comfortable with my lycanthropy, and I accept that it may sometimes makes me act in a way that I have no control over. You grow accustomed to such things, and it becomes part of what you feel is normal. 

What I'm wondering, is what do you feel about this issue...

Do you think you can loose control, or is it just passed to another part of you? Does it feel natural or forced? I suppose one thing I'm trying to get at here is do you think of yourself as a whole - a mixture of animal and man or are you made up of two (or more), individual parts?

For example the average Hollywood style were creature would have two very separate parts making them up a wolf part say, and a human half, power being in the hands/paws of only one side at a time. 

In my case I would say there are two clear parts but there is a common ground between the two, I visualize it like the Yin Yang symbol. I rarely feel either completely animal or completely human, so I guess I spend most of my time swaying slightly between the two extremes.

Razza Wolf
Taken from August 14th Were Radio Show
Copyright 1999

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