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Past Present Future

Forget the Past 

It still surprises me, even today, that mankind is one of the few species that fails to learn from its mistakes. Sure if you touch something that's hot and it burns you, you won't do it again in a hurry, but why do we not learn from mistakes we make that affect the lives of others and the world around us?  

Unfortunately in most cases this has one simple explanation, money. But for how long can we put our own personal greed above the importance of this planet and all life that inhabits it? 

Of course money isn't always any issue, often its something political, take the situation in Northern Ireland, peace comes and goes, politicians rise and fall. Yet the same few people, who lets be honest would never be happy no matter what the situation, keep blowing each other up, and innocent civilians keep getting killed in the crossfire. Why can't these people look back at history and see that there are never going to be any winners in such a conflict, only losers.  

You may ask what relevance this has to therianthropy, and while I admit that it's not that obvious at the first glance, it is there and its just as important to us (if not more so), as it is to every other man and woman on this Earth. 

Destroy the Present 

Most Weres care deeply about this planet, yet we are left as onlookers as wars rage on, pollution gets worse and more cracks appear in the thing they call society.

Yes its true 99% of the time we can do nothing to stop any of the above, so where do we stand? Are we those that huddle in a dark corner, and pray as the world falls apart around us? Are we those who roam the streets ringing a bell and crying the Earth is lost? Are we those that gave up, that accept that we have no power, no control, that see that it is futile to try and swim against such a strong current? 

Are we the ones who will be left to pick up the pieces when it all comes unstuck? 
We are all these things, as are many others who don't bare a label such as ours.  

Fear the future? 

We should fear the future, the present, the past. For it is we who will have to live with the Earth's blood upon our hands when the others are gone. As the great cycle of life continues its turn, soon it shall be us running the power plants, building the cars and destroying the forests. Will we be able to look ahead, to look behind and see what will happen or will we like our predecessors be blinded by greed? And for the next generation, ask yourself, will there be a next generation?

Razza Wolf
Copyright 1999

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