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Taken from "BIZARRE" Issue 21, June 1999


By Joe McNally

This table outlines some of the differing Were Legends and Myths to be found around the world. The entries are arranged by alphabetical order of country.

Country: Amazon jungle
Animal: jaguar
Who's Affected: men
Transformation: spirits of the great cats summoned to commune with men via rituals and hallucinogenic drugs
Country: Argentina
Animal: wolf
Who's Affected: seventh sons become Lobosons (werewolves)
Transformation: being bitten by or sprinkled with the saliva of another werewolf
Country: Burma
Animal: tiger
Who's Affected: women, usually married ones
Transformation: putting on the skin of the animal in question
Country: Canada
Animal: Wendigo
Who's Affected: men
Transformation: Shamanistic spells enable people to be taken over by the spirit of the Wendigo, a white-furred, long toothed monster
Country: China
Animal: fox
Who's Affected: foxes - unlike most cultures the Chinese believe these are animals who take on human guise, not vice versa
Transformation: magic spells
Country: England
Animal: cat
Who's Affected: Witches
Transformation: by rubbing a magical ointment into their bodies (containing psychoactive herbs)
Country: Estonia
Animal: wolf
Who's Affected: children
Transformation: visit by a devil child on Xmas Day if you've done something wrong. Lasts for 12 days
Country: Germany
Animal: fox
Who's Affected: mostly women
Transformation: by putting a magical strap on the head
Country: Germany
Animal: wolf
Who's Affected: mostly men
Transformation: putting on a magical wolf belt
Country: India
Animal: dog
Who's Affected: women
Transformation: putting on a dog skin
Country: Mexico
Animal: coyote
Who's Affected: witches
Transformation: the tlahuelpuchi (witches) cast spells on themselves, in order to drain small children of their blood
Country: Norway
Animal: polar bear
Who's Affected: men
Transformation: having an evil spell cast on you
Country: Russia
Animal: wolves and bears
Who's Affected: mostly men
Transformation: stick a copper knife in a tree in the forest and sing incantations to summon animal spirit
Country: Scandinavia
Animal: wolf
Who's Affected: men
Transformation: by putting on an enchanted wolf skin
Country: West Africa
Animal: leopard
Who's Affected: men
Transformation: magical rites of dressing up in the skin of a leopard and dancing and drumming

"World-Wide Were'd" Joe McNally 1999
"Bizarre" Magazine John Brown Publishing Ltd, May 1999

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