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London Furs Meets, 3 July 1999, 29 January, 13 May & 18 November 2000

I think this first picture was the fourth meeting of the London Furs - a mailing list specifically for Furs in and around the London area, on which more information can be found at Ia'kat's website of The London Furs.  The second is of one of the more established meets, by which time there were many more members on the list, and the regular get-togethers were more popular.

Once again, the little thumbnails point to the full-sized picture.

3 July 1999
This picture doesn't show all the members of the list, but instead a small group of them as they gathered around a table in one of the pubs we ended up at of the early evening. Darkclaw's hand-puppet (made by Folkmanis) once again proved to be the star of the meet.

(From left to right)
Torne - Hawx - Matt Squirrel (behind) - Darkclaw (plus hand-puppet!) - Ruin


29 January 2000
Again, this is not a picture of everyone present at the 29th January Meet, but the small number who stayed the Saturday night round at Glis' (the mousey with the insane grin...and who could easily be mistaken for the brother of the person on his right...) place.

(From left to right)
Slycat - Glis - Hawx - Matt Squirrel - Starfury - Zee (in front) - Zakarius


13 May 2000
This is a picture of almost everyone who turned up for the 13th May Meet, with only a few people missing out on the photo opportunity.  The weather looked nice, so folks went to St. James' Park for a bit of a play in what turned out to be dull drizzle.

Being insane, I shall try to name as many people who's faces can actually be seen!
(From left to right as much as possible...)
Back row: Torque - Bhavpfox - SlyCat
3rd row: Ripper - Marcony - Skipai - Morrigan - Clawz - Fated - Leinir - Sci Fox - Gothwolf - Lev - Ultrafox - Camrath - Orora Red (in suit) - Zakarius - Calgor
2nd row: Fore Hoof - Zagenth - Solulo - Ahsha - Ytaya - Zee - AntiCarrot
Front row: Kitten - Ruin - Torne - Shinji - Sylverwynd (sprawled out)
Also in there somewhere: Timon - 3 other Furs whose faces I can't make out!


18th November 2000
A few furs huddled together with an awful lot of plush at the Jorene Celeste pub in London at one of the regular London Fur Meets.

(From left to right)
Chik'ki - Skipai - Fergus (the dog!) - Star


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