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UK Were and Fur Meets

London Mini-Were Meet, 10 July 1999

7 of us intrepid Weres decided to get together for a day out in and around London, being as insane as we could with the minimum destruction and maximum embarrassment ("Embarrassment's not in my vocabulary" - Stormrider).

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

The group (Left to Right - Sci, ALW, Zagenth, Solulo and Stormrider) in the middle of Trafalgar square. Stormrider has a tail and Supersoaker, Zagenth has the Racoon ears, while Solulo sports her collar and ALW's leash. And they wondered why all the French tourists were staring in our direction!!
"The Solulowoof" plays a game of "fetch" in the middle of Green Park, though at this point, she was being kept under control by that leash...
Zagenth, Solulo, Sci, ALW and Stormrider (L to R) outside Fenchurch Street station just before we say goodbye to ALW, who is seen here sporting my newly furred tail. Stormrider has his mask on too...just as well if he was going to get away with using that Supersoaker!
Zagenth, Solulo and Ruin in the midst of Waterloo station, which gives a better view of my new tail, and also of Ruin's prototype ears. The woman in the top left of the picture looks on wondering what on earth is going on!!

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