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Hastings Were Meet, 16-17 October 1999

7 of us younger Weres, together with MegaDog as a spiritual leader got together round Polenth's house in Hastings, in the South of the UK.  The meet was supposed to last two days, but vital transport problems (i.e. Stormrider's Viva breaking down the night before) caused it to be shortened by half.  It was still a good chance, however, for us all to meet up again and see each other.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.  Sadly, no report of this meet has yet been written, so if you were there, you are more than welcome to submit something to me.

Most of the group lounge about on Polenth's sofa-bed trying to look as discrete as possible given there's a camera about...

Zagenth hides behind Solulo on the left, Sci and Polenth behind a rather dazzled Ruin in the centre, while Stormrider looks his evil self with Lunariia on the right. 

Solulo and Ruin prepare to spend the night in sleeping bags on the pathway outside...in mid-Autumn.  In the meantime, both realise how frustrating it is not really having anywhere to hide from those embarrassing camera moments...
Spiritual leader MegaDog surreally strokes a husky plushie (much to it's delight, it should be noted) while trying to meditate on a higher plane of thought.
MegaDog in his Druid role, keeping a watchful eye over (clockwise) Sci Fox, Polenth, Stormrider, Lunariia, Zagenth, Solulo and Ruin, all trying to pretend there is no camera about...
"How big are yours?" Stormrider asks Polenth.  Whether he was measuring her up for Sci to ponder making some fursuit wings or whether Stormrider had more devious intentions is up to your conscience to decide...
MegaDog in the "I see no ships!" pose, while the others do make a reasonable attempt to show their faces.

From left to right:
MegaDog, Solulo, Zagenth, Sci Fix, Polenth, Lunariia and Stormrider complete with evil red-eye...).

Lunariia and Stormrider, happily paired up, pose for perhaps the most "normal" picture of Stormrider yet to be captured.


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