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Well, after having spent well over a year taking pictures of the UK Weres and Furs I have met in that period, I have developed, scanned in and put the pictures here for other Weres and Furs to look at, laugh at and be amused over...

Since the beginning of 1999, there have been quite a few organised UK Were and Fur meets (that I have known about!) involving fairly large numbers of people as well as the 1999 EuroHowl held in July. Included here also are various pictures taken at smaller and more private meets that I have held, for the amusement of the various people involved.

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20-21 February 1999
2-4 April 1999
28-31 May 1999
10 July 1999
27-30 August 1999
16-17 October 1999
31 December 1999 -
2 January 2000
14-21 May 2000
6-13 April 2001

Various Dates
Various Dates

  • Larger Gatherings and non-UK Meets

There is a special section for larger gatherings, such as Howls and Furry conventions, currently including pictures and my experiences of the time I spent at both EuroHowl 99 and Anthrocon 2001:

I have also uploaded photographs and a report of the time I spent in America either side of Anthrocon 2001, namely about a week in each of New York City, New Jersey, and Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Individual and Small Group Pictures

  • Updated - Caption Competition!

Win the chance to have your captions displayed in these archives.  Look out for opportunities to do so in the pictures above, or Click Here for details and the entry form, as well as details of winners of past competitions.

These pages contain quite a few pictures, so may take some time to load up - be patient, they are worth it!! Most people whose pictures are shown here have given their permission for them to be used on this site...

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