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Individual Pictures: January 1999 - May 1999

These are pictures taken from the various private meets that I have organised or taken part in. They're up here both for the amusement of the people involved, and so that other Furs and Weres get a chance to see what they look like.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

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Solulo and Lunariia in Hyde Park, London just after the New Year 1999.
Lunariia starts to get a little worried of what the pigeons in Trafalgar Square are plotting as their next move in world conquest :)
Solulo decides, on her second visit to London, to finally confront her worst nightmare face to face...or should that be paw to beak? They don't hurt, honestly...
Anton Lupus Wulfen (ALW) posing for the camera in woods a short bikeride from his home, the lucky wolf.
Anton Lupus Wulfen poses again wearing my tail prototype in woods a short drive away from my home. He's the first Were to succumb to the influence of that tail.

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