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Individual Pictures: October 1999 - November 1999

These are pictures taken from the various private meets that I have organised or taken part in. They're up here both for the amusement of the people involved, and so that other Furs and Weres get a chance to see what they look like.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.


Razza Wolf (with my plushie) and myself pose for the camera in a stairwell at Razza's university in South Wales, home of Razza, several previous EuroHowls and only the most genuine weirdoes...
Razza once again, with his next-door neighbour at university, Daniel Huntley, who you might remember from a previous Were Radio show.  Daniel was the first person outside the community to learn of Razza's Wereness.
Razza tries to hold up the traffic with a tail and husky plushie as his only weapons.  Sadly for him, this was only a car park...
Starfury (right) looking particularly pleased about something, while Sandroo (left) flops, knackered, onto his futon.
Utlah exercises his Dr Doolitle traits, finding the idea of talking to my little Spanish wolf plushie (obviously in some form of Esperanto...) more appealing than noticing how silly he looked while doing so.
Caption Competition

Utlah was an extremely safety-conscious wolf, and didn't find it amusing when the other furs laughed when his airbag inflated accidentally.

This winning entry to the Caption competition was submitted by Hawx

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