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Individual Pictures: March 2000

These are pictures taken from the various private meets that I have organised or taken part in. They're up here both for the amusement of the people involved, and so that other Furs and Weres get a chance to see what they look like.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

Fore Hoof, left, a Werehorse from Basingstoke, UK, came to visit me at the beginning of March, and stands here with Starfury and his fox by one of the large cut-outs  at Woburn Safari Park, where the three of us went for the day, mainly to see their wolves.
A Werehorse addicted to Zebras?  In Fore's case, yes, as he stands here with just one of his collection resting on his shoulder in my university room, his favourite animals are indeed Zebras...
Believe it or not, this is me...  At one of the London Fur Meets, I was loaned by another Fur this tiger fursuit for a few weeks and got thoroughly addicted, as is imaginable, to wearing it...and thus did so as often as feasibly possible without embarrassing myself too much.
Me again, with paws around Hawx (left) and Matt Squirrel (right).  They both looked rather worried and embarrassed standing in the middle of a public (and well-populated) wood being seen standing with an enormous tiger...
Starfury, flashing himself in the middle of the woods (isn't that illegal?), together with Matt Squirrel, AKA the bodiless tiger from Outer Space, and Hawx, the 'ard skink with a stick.

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