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Individual Pictures: June 2000 - August 2000

These are pictures taken from the various private meets that I have organised or taken part in. They're up here both for the amusement of the people involved, and so that other Furs and Weres get a chance to see what they look like.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.


Horsa (left) and Fore Hoof (right) visiting in my old room at university, and taking some time out to get friendly with the local plush collection.
At Ia'kat's housewarming party in St Albans, Footpad (left) and Glis play-wrestle with each other in the local park, watched by a handful of other Furs.
After all that exertion, Footpad and Locandez go off in search of the local canine collection, and settle upon a nearby border collie for some communing with nature.
Locandez: Border Collie...Border Collie: Locandez.  Well, they both seem happy with each other...
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To avoid myself being the one making incriminating remarks against Ia'kat, pictured here with a bunch of bananas, I am offering this space for your own captions...

To find out how, visit the Caption Competition page.


Henrik (left) and Bardolph (centre) come over on holiday from Sweden to join myself and Locandez (right).
Bardolph, myself and Locandez (left to right) saying goodbye to me at St. Albans' station.  It's not every day that you're in the middle of a fox sandwich.

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