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Individual Pictures: September 2000 - May 2001

These are pictures taken from the various private meets that I have organised or taken part in. They're up here both for the amusement of the people involved, and so that other Furs and Weres get a chance to see what they look like.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.


At one of the London Fur meets, Anthropuppy finds Slycat just too irresistible to snuggle in his Sylvester fursuit (minus head).  And no, that is padding on the fursuit!
Just before New Year 2001, Locandez comes over to visit, and, finding my back garden snowed under, decides to test his artistic skills by building himself a little arctic fox from the snow.
Sandroo tries his paws at a little head-sculpting.  Not everyone you come across has their own wolf head on their dining table.
This is the finished unfurred result, with me inside trying to look and act all cute and lupine.
And a close-up of the wolf head, again with me inside.  To find out what happens next to the head cast, see the Fursuiting Section.
Another visitor to my house, this time SouthPaw on his way down to a photoshoot with some furs in the south.  He's hired himself a lion fursuit for the purpose, and is trying desperately to act the part...

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