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I don't think this page requires any further explanation...

Once again, the little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

Yes, OK, granted I don't look my best, but it's not too bad I hope...
This was the last picture my grandmother had taken of me before I left for university...

...so complete with tail, I stand in her living room smiling at the camera. :)  Since then, my parents haven't really seemed to care about me walking down to breakfast with an extra appendage...

This is me (with tail) taken somewhere along the beach at Aberystwyth ("somewhere" because it all looked the same, and after having walked such a long way, it was impossible to tell where one was!) during a weekend visit to Razza Wolf in February 2000.
No, this doesn't, I'm afraid to say, look very much like me. But it's the closest thing I've got to a wolf, and he's still pretty cute (well, most of the time).

Sadly, Tigger here passed away on July 12th 2002, aged 13 and 3 months.

And not wanting to be left out, here's my other furry critter, just as cute as the other one, but 10 times less stupid! Well, she is female!! :)

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