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UK Were and Fur Meets

Portsmouth Were and Fur Meet I, 20-21 February 1999

Somewhere round about 17 Weres and Furs attended this meeting, organised by Chik'ki and based in his hometown of Portsmouth in the South of the UK. There was a good mix from each of the three newsgroups, AHWw, ALF and AFF, though unfortunately, I didn't get to know everybody by name...so apologies if I make a mistake in naming the people in the pictures!

  • Read the Report - written by David Cooke, a more detailed description of what happened over the two days of the meet.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

Chik'ki tries his hand at a bit of tree-climbing...fortunately despite the river below, he survives the experience completely dry.
Chik'ki (left) and MegaDog (right) pose for the camera...with Stormrider's restored Vaxhaul Viva behind them. And why was Chik'ki wearing a wolf shirt?
From left to right - Stormrider, Solulo (complete with "Incompetent Werewolf" dog collar), Lunariia and Utlah, with Fenris, having come all the way from Finland, lurking in the background.
The Scritch Pile round at Chik'ki's place on Sunday evening...I think that you can see (L to R) Matt Squirrel, David Cooke, Charma, Swampy, Chik'ki (buried!) and Sandroo, looking quite pleased with himself!
Same as above...but from a different angle. (Back to front) Matt Squirrel, Hawx (?), Lomax, Solulo and Lunariia.

I'd love to know what the developer's made of those two pictures :)

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