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UK Were and Fur Meets

Portsmouth Were and Fur Meet II, 28-31 May 1999

Somewhere round about 14 Weres and Furs attended this meeting, organised by Chik'ki and the second to be based in his hometown of Portsmouth in the South of the UK. After some accommodation problems, the meet was a little smaller than had been planned, but it was another chance for everybody who knew each other to meet up again.

  • Read the Report - written by myself, a detailed description of what happened over the four days of the meet.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

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Seven of the group pop down to Hastings for the day to visit a dragon.

From Left to Right - Solulo, Zagenth, Lunariia, Polenth, Sci, Stormrider, Lomax and MegaDog.

Sci decides to try his paws at tree climbing while the rest of us enjoy lunch. This was the same tree that Lomax, Chik'ki and Lunariia's feline instincts had told them to beware of moments earlier...

The group (minus one) amassed in a clearing in some forest area just outside Fareham.

Clockwise starting from the Nutella jar - Stormrider, Zagenth, Solulo, MegaDog, Torne, Lomax, MTBer, Lunariia, Sci and Chik'ki.

...and here is that one. Utlah, having had a few nasty experiences with a swan and a raccoon fursuit not long before this meet, refused to appear in any pictures with the same said bird.
Zagenth, Torne and Solulo engage in a little Fox play (by the way, the two fox puppets are both male...).
Meanwhile, an ominous Furpile develops in the other corner of the clearing consisting of Chik'ki, Lomax, Sci and Lunariia. I was actually asked to take this picture...
Back at Solulo's house, Stormrider passes various bits of Raccoon around. Here is Utlah looking rather fetching with a pair of ears...the bright red cheeks came seconds later :)


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