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UK Were and Fur Meets

Portsmouth Were and Fur Meet II, 28-31 May 1999

Somewhere round about 14 Weres and Furs attended this meeting, organised by Chik'ki and the second to be based in his hometown of Portsmouth in the South of the UK. After some accommodation problems, the meet was a little smaller than had been planned, but it was another chance for everybody who knew each other to meet up again.

  • Read the Report - written by myself, a detailed description of what happened over the four days of the meet.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

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What, an improvement?!?! MegaDog looks almost...sane...in Stormrider's Raccoon ears and mask.
Solulo watches as Torne puts on an act for the camera, while Chik'ki's too far asleep to notice anything going on.
Here is the offending swan himself, fully fursuited in what Utlah aptly describes as "furry pyjamas." MegaDog tries on a wolf head as well.
Utlah, seeing me wearing MegaDog's wolf head, a tail, and two glove puppets evilly decided to get his own back and reach for my camera... Stormrider secretly cackles in the foreground.
In Fareham's "Garden of Sensory Reflection," the group engage in anything but reflection. Here they are trying to assimilate MegaDog and Utlah into some strange dance ritual. They failed.
Solulo was given a packet of blackcurrant jelly as a joke present. Here we see her resulting concoction - Jelly, Nutella and Banana milkshake powder. Pretty revolting, though the side effects on Utlah weren't half as bad as a MegaDog curry...
Chik'ki bought these two masks in Leamington Spa for 10 each, and here we see him and MegaDog sporting them. Another improvement on MegaDog's behalf? :)

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