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UK Were and Fur Meets

Portsmouth Were and Fur Meet II, 28-31 May 1999

Somewhere round about 14 Weres and Furs attended this meeting, organised by Chik'ki and the second to be based in his hometown of Portsmouth in the South of the UK. After some accommodation problems, the meet was a little smaller than had been planned, but it was another chance for everybody who knew each other to meet up again.

  • Read the Report - written by myself, a detailed description of what happened over the four days of the meet.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.


From Left to Right:
Utlah, MTBer, Sci, MegaDog (behind), Ragtag, Lomax (behind), Solulo, Torne, Chik'ki (behind), Zagenth and Lunariia.
Chik'ki (Left) and Lunariia (Right) take part in a semi-fursuited walk along Southsea seafront, taking particular note of some of the comments being thrown in their direction from animal-ignorant members of the public.
Sci (complete with his tail) joins in with our lion and Tiger in some strange fury rendition of the Monkey Walk.
Torne models my tail on Southsea seafront, becoming the fourth or fifth person to fall victim to its addictiveness!
An ideal image of public Were-interaction :) Just what the child was thinking is a mystery, but he hasn't run away in terror...

At the same time, Solulo was trying to tell a group of French tourists, unsuccessfully, that "Je suis un loup-garou."

At a pub in Gosport, Utlah ponders as to why he has ended up with a rather yiffy looking Fox on top of his head...
Lunariia, Solulo, myself and MTBer at Fratton station just before I have to say goodbye to everyone at the end of the four days.


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