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Reading Were Meet, 2-4 April 1999

I think this was the only picture, taken on Reading station just before we all said goodbye, from this meeting, given that most of the time was spent playing paintball! It was organised by Stormrider, and a total of nine Weres showed up, including two new faces, Polenth and Sci Fox, who weren't around at Portsmouth.

  • Read the Report - written by Stormrider, a more detailed description of what happened over the three days of the meet.

Once again, the little thumbnail points to the full-sized picture.

 This was a case of "spot the difference" since Portsmouth in February...the eight other people at the Reading meet pose at Reading station just before we all have to say goodbye. Chik'ki's lost his beard, Utlah's become a long-haired wolf, and MegaDog's decided to swap long hair for a pony (err...dog?) tail.

(From left to right)
Solulo - Sci Fox - MegaDog - Swampy (behind) - Stormrider - Polenth - Chik'ki - Utlah

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