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UK Were and Fur Meets

Easter Therians' Meet 2001, 6-13 April 2001

The Easter Meet of 2001 was intended to be a similar follow-on to the meet of the previous year- the largest, if not certainly one of the largest, gatherings of Weres and Furs organised here in the UK - but in fact, numbers were significantly down this time around.  Around 25 to 27 people made it along to the meet at some point during its week-long duration, staying at the Chalet and Touring Park in Wokingham (near Reading, half an hour west of London).  Aain, the meet was organised for the most part by Stormrider, responsible for the Reading Meet of 1999 and the Easter Y2k Therians' Meet.  Despite the reduced attendance this year, it seemed everyone still managed to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

  • The EuroHowl Pages - For anyone interested in organising a large-scale convention or meet similar to this one in the future!

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Two and a half cute foxes - Star (right), showing off his little fox puppet, and.KashyFox sporting his newly acquired fursuit from NorthWest Furry Productions.

KashyFox (left) and Slycat show off their respective fursuits outside one of the chalets.

Stormrider manages to recruit a somewhat anticipatory Solulo onto one of his world-conquering missions.  This time, however, the task is only a light spot of dog-walking.  Of the whippet, not Solulo...
Star together with his little foxie outside the little chalet in which we stayed for the week.

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