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UK Were and Fur Meets

Easter Y2K Therians' Meet, 14-21 May 2000

This turned out to be the largest, if not certainly one of the largest, gatherings of Weres and Furs organised here in the UK.  At its peak over the first weekend, there were in excess of 50 people in attendance, both from the UK itself and also from Mainland Europe.  A smaller number stayed on and braved the little Chalet and Touring Park in Wokingham (near Reading, half an hour west of London), where the meet was centred, for a full week.  The whole meet was the brainchild of Stormrider, responsible for the Reading Meet of 1999.  Although not, so to speak, a Furry Convention, certainly the first weekend had all the spirit of one, with a variety of activities taking place, from hiking to a mini fursuit parade - and the photos seem to show that everyone enjoyed themselves.

  • Read the Report - written by Stormrider, a "Post Mortem" of all things good and bad at the meet - useful for anyone thinking of organising a similar event!

  • The EuroHowl Pages - For anyone interested in organising a large-scale convention or meet similar to this one in the future!

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

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More species changing - this time Cass Fox dons a wolf hat and paws to give Raukan a head rub - probably some kind of new fetish of his.  Meanwhile, Zakarius, DragonBoy and MTBer (left to right) are up to no good in the background.

The fursuited trio - Ruin in her tiger suit, Sayh in his black panthress costume, and Zakarius at the back sporting Ruin's wolf suit with my wolf tail.

Razza gets fursuited up!  Northfox (left), Ruin and Utlah all help the poor wolf take the monumentous step of donning Ruin's fursuit head - and secretly he actually enjoyed it, despite what he'll tell you. ;)

Utlah bears all to an eagerly onlooking crowd of canines (and honorary canines).  Sadly, "all" was just the specially drawn AHWw T-Shirt from back in 1992.
Caption Competition

It's a low budget production, called "An Essex Werewolf in Essex"

This winning entry to the Caption competition was submitted by
Louise Comb

The ever-popular scritch pile - Zagenth, Zakarius (still in Ruin's suit), Solulo, Lunariia and Tiggs - on the floor of the hall that was booked for the evening.

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